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NGS Premium Speaker 300w Subwoofer 8"


  • A full DJ music system compatible with Bluetooth technology, 300W of power and excellent sound quality. Equipped with audio SD, USB, AUX IN and FM radio inputs. This system turns anywhere into a nightclub and is fabulous for parties.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Technology
  • Thanks to its Bluetooth® connection you will play your favorite songs and playlists straight from selected smartphones or tablets easily.
  • FM Radio
  • Tune in to your favorite FM stations thanks to its built-in FM radio tuner
  • USB Port
  • Plug in a USB stick and play all your digital files, Wild Punk supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and AAC formats
  • Audio SD card
  • Plug in a SD memory and play all your digital files, supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and AAC formats.
  • Aux Input
  • Connect any external audio source through a 3.5 mm jack cable.
  • LED Lights
  • Bring a feast-oriented environment with the built-in multi-colored LED speaker lights. With different speaker patterns syncing to the beat of your favorite tracks, you’ll be able turn them off from the button located in the upper part of the speaker.
  • Materials
  • The box is made of wood, offering an excellent audio quality and a spectacular acoustics.
  • Design and Mobility
  • Their elegant versatile and compact design feature built-in handles, furthermore Wild Punk 2 and Wild Punk 3 incorporate wheels for maximum portability and convenience
  • Record Mode (REC)
    It includes a function to record the microphone or guitar input signal on a USB or SD memory connected to the speaker.
  • Equalizer Mode
  • Depending on the different types of music you want to play, you can select different equalization modes. It features 5 equalizer modes with presets: Normal, Rock, jazz, classic and pop.
  • In each type of equalization, you can enjoy various musical effects of their own style. Except in the Normal one, in which the original effects will be preserved without any modification
  • Microphone Input
    It includes one microphone input and Karaoke function that once is activated, reduces the music sound when the microphone input signal is detected.
  • Guitar Input
  • Guitar input to connect your musical instruments and enjoy your favorite melodies.
  • Simple Buttons and Remote Control
    NGS Wild Punk outstands for its ease of use and convenience. It is possible to take control with the remote control that is included and adjust the volume and turn on and off both manually, directly from the music system as well as through the remote control. Equipped with separate mic and guitar volume controls.
  • LED Display
  • It´s useful LED screen lets you easily manage your listening experience showing practical info such as: Mode, Radio frequency, Volume, Playback time, etc.
  • Treble and Bass Controls
  • Treble and house-shaking Bass Control for easy high and low tone settings.
  • Add additional speakers
  • Thanks to its Audio output you can connect wirelessly several speakers together to amplify the listening experience. (Only enabled when the sound source is AUX IN)

NGS Premium Speaker

  • Woofer size: 2x 8” Tweeter size: 2x 3”
    USB / SD / FM / BT / AUX inputs  Microphone input 
    Guitar input  LED screen 
    LED lights  AUX output 
    Output power: 300W Input voltage: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz
    Frequency range: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
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